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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 10, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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-- "you lie" during the president's speech, south carolina representative joe wilson put the public still and he would have to call and apologize. >> has the president accepted the apology? >> yes, i do. i am a big believer that we all make mistakes. he apologized quickly and without equivocation. i am appreciative of that. >> but president obama says he wants the focus back on health care. today, virginia voter -- a version of roeder reflected on the speech. she came away more convinced that some things you heard about the plan are not true. >> i think he clarified it.
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>> shields to run your family business near boston. g already favored the president's plan, -- he already favored the president's plan, but like his town. >> he looked angry and said, i am setting the record straight, and he did. >> the census bureau has released some new numbers in terms of people who do not have a health insurance. the number of uninsured is 46.3 million in 2008. that is up from 25.7 million in 2007. but the number of people without insurance in 2008 is still up 7 million from 2006.
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the next according to this security kit, jauch will bamann pulled up to a security station and said he wanted to park. officers found an unregistered firearm in his truck. but they say his intentions are unclear. >> u.s. companies are laying off fewer workers, but then there are scenes like this. 5000 people lining up in hopes to find a job on wednesday. foreclosure filings remain near live record levels. they're still working to try to find if the stimulus is working. >> the more spending of the fiscal recovery money in the coming months, the better it will be. >> they may have saved half a
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million jobs -- the stimulus plan may have saved half a million jobs. >> gm will let new-car buyers return their vehicles within two months for a full refund if they are not satisfied. this campaign is called "made the best car when" and runs from september 14 through november. transportation secretary leia lovette -- ravenwood said the government approved $2.1 billion in reimbursements more than 40% of applications have already been paid. >> in battleground, new -- virginia, two gubernatorial candidates came face to face today.
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>> with only 54 days until election day, today's forum carried more weight for the candidates as they discussed everything from the economy to health care. >> they sat in the sameç room today, exchanging words to baseball crowd of business objectives -- executives. the tone was filled with civility, that did not keep the candidates from occasionally taking a stab. >> i'm delighted to see that i'm the only candidate with a transportation plan. >> i will move us forward while he will move us back. >> with less than 60 days to go for the election is crunch time for the candidates. but right now, the polls say
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the opponent, bob macdonald, 54% to 42% despite the controversy over his statements in 1988 defining women's roles in the family. >> i think that is going to happen to any republican that is running for office at this time. >> unless things change, i will vote for him and i would encourage anyone to. >> people can always go along with the back in time thing. i am looking at the future. >> there will be a debate on seventh -- september 17. >> the pentagon's top lawyers
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said the president remains committed to closing guantanamo bay, but stopped short that it would be close by early next year. >> a metro employees in serious condition after getting hit by a train this morning. it happened in alexander between braddock road and the national rate in airport station. emergency -- national ragan airport station. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., the swine flu is not the only food that people need to be concerned about. details ahead. >> and a discrimination lawsuit. how much will it cost? >> and a lawmaker accused of driving under the influence.
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>> our forecast for the next couple of days depends on this big red al. we will tell you what up.mi t coming up.ming up.
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if you get sick, or change jobs. eight ways reform matters to you. a cap on deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. no annual or lifetime limits on coverage. preventive care. covered. pre-existing conditions. covered. no higher rates due to gender. extended coverage for young adults. no more coverage denied if you get sick. and guaranteed renewal, even if you do. learn more today. >> and maryland lawmaker has been acquitted on a trumped driving charge. he was arrested in may of 2008 after being found asleep in his
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car in the parking lot at 3:30 a.m. he said he was exhausted and pulled off the road to take a nap. the town of walkers' field maryland has agreed to pay $4.1 million to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit. it concerns farm land at the center of that complaint. the land under filed the complaint after the town did not allow the sale of the land to an islamic center. the town admits no wrongdoing. >> bpa is working on a new strategy to deal with storm water runoff. under a cap and trade system, farmers who cut their runoff [unintelligible]
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a plan is to be released in november. >> coming up, it is not just the swine flu that you have to worry about. >> and here is a weather warms up heading our way in time for the weekend. >> i've got the very latest on
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>> concerns about the swine flu have been in the headlines this year, but the centers for disease control at issue a warning about the seasonal flu. >> the seasonal flu packs a very deadly punch. that is why health officials came out today and said americans need to get their annual vaccine as soon as possible. it will have that opportunity tomorrow here at the high school in alexandria tomorrow. it is first-come, first-served.
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>> is a shining example of what federal state and local officials one americans to do. but you got your fouchard today. >> i got my fouchard today and they said i should go on line. -- i got my flu shot today and they said i should go online. >> the strain they prepare for the degree kills more than 30,000 people per year. this virginia resident always get his flu shot. it is strongly recommend for children, the elderly, women you are pregnant and have chronic -- and anyone with a chronic illness. it could be a busy one.
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>> all of us should seek protection against seasonal influenza early, that is to say, now. >> we have hult and human services secretary kathleen sebelius getting her seasonal flu vaccine. h1n1 is not expected to be out until october. >> what kind of weather are we going to expect tonight? >> it depends on where you're going to be. >> east of washington will get brain. west of washington, probably not tonight. thank you. the rains and is slowly moving to the east.
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this kind of conversation fits right in. i talked to schools. the rain is wearing from east to west, kind of the opposite of normal. this one is a coastal storm and kind of backing this way. because the computer models are not tother on this, we are not sure how far west is going to go. it depends where you are, east of town, south of town. let's take you down to delaware on the boardwalk. we have these 4 foot waves breaking the shore now. very strong winds. gale warnings in effect there. right now, sustained winds at 33. gusts of 48. very strong rains -- very strong winds and heavy rains.
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let's talk about our advisers. -- advisory's. flood advisories for the western shore of the chesapeake bay. we have wind advisories in along the new jersey shore and delaware. it is going to be a mess. that is going to be the key, where the storm center moves. 81 and 64 the average temperatures. temperatures are cool across the area, 60's 2 nir 70. in fact, call for this time of year and will be that way again tomorrow. -- cool for this time of year and will be that way again tomorrow. we will bring in some heavy rain overnight. then it is just the question of how far in mind that this will come. -- how far inland th will come. çthere is the storm, this motin and the effects are widespread.
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how far west and north it twitches will determine who gets the rain. take a look at the forecast for tomorrow. a rainy start and cool, too. showers later in the day and then it improvements for the weekend. isolated chart -- isolated showers saturday and sunday. debitors in the mid 80's. -- temperatures in the mid 80's. >> let's show some loyalty to the hometown team. >> not a lot of people are giving the redskins a chance against the giants on sunday at the meadowlands. the giants are still 6.5 points favored. the redskins have more questions to be answered than the giants do. despite the fact that it is
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opening week, this game will set the table for the entire season. >> we can start out with a win against the giants, put them behind and make them play catch- up. >> but the giants have a lot of questions as well. new york lost its three preseason games. and of course, they have to replace their big receiver, plaxico burress. >> they have that too many other weapons. [unintelligible] >> he has got to worry about it all. last night, i told you that alan alda is signed with memphis for $3.5 million. -- alan albus. he was officially introduced by the grizzlies today and he knows
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he has lost respect and value inhe league. >> i look at what people say about me, you know, and having the season that i had last year and me losing and stuff. they are trying to put me in a rocking chair already. it is going to be a personal gear for me. the pga puts him as always the guy in the spotlight. tigers shot a 368. in his two shots off the lead -- key is to shots off the lead. it is time to get back to our high school athlete of the week. and today, we honor the sacke -- the soccer star in hyattsville. >> codey albrecht is far from the biggest player on the field. >> i am about 5 foot 6 inches.
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>> but he is clearly one of the best. >> he can shoot, finished and is a very good as his player. >> wednesday, he had a goal and two assists in their win over st. john's. >> it is a grueling sport after a while, but i love it. >> the 13th all wcc a selection last year, i think he is the -- codey is probably the most popular player on the team. so, congratulations to codey albrecht, our high school athlete of the week. >> and finally, john dunne is back in the nfl. -- john madden is back in the nfl. the has agreed to be a special commissioner for roger goodell. >> you know why he retired the first time? he said he wanted to spend more time with his family and at the
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beach. >> now he is going back on stage. [laughter] >> a lot of people think that -- where do things stand? >> after months of a tentative steps, max baucus backed away from the bipartisan talks and intended to move that with or without republican votes. he said it will move into committee next week a begin markup the following week.
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>> the storm is slowly moving across the coast. we will monitor to see how close. meanwhile, on-air graphics we can to the gale forceindsinds -- show you the khiel force winds. here is what one computer model d to say about things as we head through the next 24 to 36 hours. clearing begins over the weekend. >> thank you very much. captioned by the national captioning institute
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